PepperNutz all-natural small batch hot sauces & private label branding

What can our private label hot sauce program be used for?

PepperNutz Private Label Hot Sauce Program featuring custom branded hot sauces and more.

- Retail Store Custom Branded Product Line Expansion

- Corporate Events, Promotions, and Celebrations

- Restaurants and Entertainment Serving, Branding, and Promotions

- Fundraisers, Charity Events, and Youth Sports Boosters

- Professional and Amateur Sports Team Marketing and Give-aways

- Weddings, Anniversaries, Special Events, and Party/Novelty Gifts

No matter what type of event or project you have in mind, our experienced Team of Marketing and Graphic Design professionals will spend time to get to know the details of your projects and what your goals are. We'll provide advice and guidance to help make sure your events and projects are a fun, exciting, and spicy success!  

Peppernutz makes it easy and affordable!

Choose from our array of best selling Private Label recipes brewed fresh in small batches. These select sauces and seasonings are exclusively prepared for this program.

​Our creative team works directly with each client to create your own unique brand image, or you are welcome to provide your own custom label designs.

Our low prices include high quality glossy labels for a quality professional look every time.

Why choose the Peppernutz Private label hot sauce program?

We're affordable and fun.

We have spicy ideas spilling out our ears. We're ready to help make your project or event a success. Basic custom label designs start at just $45. 

No Contracts and Low Minimums.

We don't require any contracts and you only order what you need. Typical first time orders are 48 bottles for 1 flavor or 24 bottles when multiple flavors are selected. 

Quick Turnaround.

Orders typically ship as early as 2-3 days after you approve the label artwork. We'll ship where ever you need (e.g. your remote offices, party houses, trade shows, etc.).

Full Color Labels and Application.

Your custom branded private label products arrive to your door ready to roll. All orders include full-color top-quality glossy labels.

Dedicated Designers.

All customers work 1-on-1 with a professional Graphic Designer and our Program Manager to get your custom labels just the way you want them.

Label Compliance.

We make sure your custom branded designs meet the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) food safety compliance requirements for nutrition panels, ingredients, etc.

traditional small-batch hot sauces

Cayenne Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Cayenne Hot Sauce available for custom branding

A hot sauce for everyone. It's a simple medium heat sauce with a smooth texture and buttery finish. It features aged cayenne peppers and select spices. Heat Level - 5/10

(Vegan Friendly)

Jalapeno Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Jalapeno Hot Sauce available for custom branding

Pure jalapeno flavor with medium heat. A smooth hot sauce with a complementing spice blend to bring out the uniqueness of the jalapenos. 

Heat Level - 5/10

(Gluten Free & Kosher)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Chipotle Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Chipotle Hot Sauce available for custom branding

A truly unique smooth textured, rich and smokey hot sauce. Crafted from smoked red jalapenos,

onions, garlic, and a custom spice blend.

Heat Level - 5/10

(Gluten Free)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Habanero Hot Sauce available for custom branding

This hot sauce carries a slightly elevated heat with a smooth texture. Features aged red habanero peppers, carrots, onions, spices, and a hint of lime.

Heat Level 7/10

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce available for custom branding

This habanero hot sauce crafted for the garlic lover. It carries the same heat, but it is slightly textured, and its brewed with mashed garlic.

Heat Level 7/10

(Gluten Free)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Gourmet style Small-Batch Hot Sauces

Caribbean Style Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Caribbean Style Habanero Hot Sauce available for custom branding

This hot sauce is the essence of the Caribbean – habanero

peppers crafted with pineapple, oranges, honey, lime, and island

spices. It offers a wonderful sweetness with a medium-high heat. 

Heat Level - 7/10

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Southern Style Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Southern Style Habanero Hot Sauce available for custom branding

This fiery hot sauce is one for the heat seekers. Its a

southern inspired hot sauce brewed with aged habanero

peppers and we keep it textured while packing a punch. 

Heat Level - 8/10

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Orange Habanero Hot Sauce (6.75oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Orange Habanero XXX Hot Sauce available for custom branding

So distinct it deserves it's own bottle. This hot sauce is

well textured with an elevated kick. It's small-batch brewed

with orange habanero peppers and 200 grain vinegar. 

Heat Level - 9/10

 (Vegan Friendly) 

XXX Habanero Extract Hot Sauce (5oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label XXX Habanero extract (capsicum) Hot Sauce available for custom branding

Be kind and warn your customers! We brewed tomatoes and a

variety of fruits into this habanero blend, and capped it off with

high-grade certified Oleoresin Capsicum. 

Heat Level - 10+

 (Vegan Friendly) 

small-batch specialty sauces

Sweet Red BBQ Sauce (19oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Sweet Red BBQ Barbecue Sauce available for custom branding

Sweeter southern-style BBQ sauce with a touch of

heat and hints of hickory smoke, cayenne pepper, garlic, brown sugar, and worcestershire. It's an "anything" sauce which goes great on

grilled foods and crockpot dishes.  

Heat Level - 2/10

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Tangy Red BBQ Sauce (19oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Tangy Red BBQ Barbecue Sauce available for custom branding

Down-home Texas flavor, infused with apple cider. Carries a light brown sugar and mustard essence with a touch of heat. A versatile barbecue sauce ready to be slathered on any meat or vegetable. 

Heat Level - 2/10

 (Vegan Friendly)  

Thick & Rich Steak Sauce (10oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Thick and Rich Steak Sauce available for custom branding

Our steak sauce is made from a unique blend of veggies and spices to produce a thick, rich and

tangy sauce that surpasses the popular brands.

Heat Level - 1/10

 (Vegan Friendly)  

select seasonings, rubs & snacks

Barbecue Blend (7oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Custom Barbecue BBQ Blend Seasoning & Rub

Our pit master Barbecue Blend is a wonderful all-purpose traditional take on Southern BBQ. This special blend includes brown sugar, garlic, onions, cumin, oregano and other select spices, with a cayenne and black pepper infusion.

(4.5oz. net wt.)

(Heat Level - 2/10)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Smokehouse Blend (7oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Custom Smokehouse Blend Seasoning & Rub

Our Smokehouse Blend has a perfect split between sweet and spice, with an upfront smokey aroma.  The sugars and caramel combine to help create a crispy coating while the smoked peppers and select spices deliver the smokey essence.

(4oz. net wt.)

(Heat Level - 3/10)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Poultry Blend (7oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Custom Poultry Blend Seasoning & Rub

Our Poultry Blend was designed specifically for the birds. It combines mid-west and southern roots to create a versatile flavor profile that perfectly

seasons any type of bird whether roasting,

grilling, frying or smoking.

(4.5oz. net wt.)

(Heat Level - 4/10)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Garlic Chipotle Blend (7oz.)

PepperNutz Private Label Custom Garlic Chipotle Blend Seasoning & Rub

Our Garlic Chipotle blend provides the perfect amount of salt, light smoke, garlic essence, and heat. It's unique flavor comes from the addition of select spices such as cumin, oregano, bay leaf, and cloves.

(3oz. net wt.)

(Heat Level - 5/10)

 (Vegan Friendly) 

Custom Blends (many sizes)

private label seasonings, spices and rubs. custom branded spice blends.

Do you have your own blend you want to start bottling? PepperNutz can custom blend just about any mixture you've created. We also have a wide array of our own established best selling seasoning blends and rubs that we can custom brand to fit into your product line.  

Bulk Snacks

Private label snack mixes. Custom branded snacks, spicy snacks and candy.

Looking to add some unique snacks to your product line? PepperNutz carries a wide array of fresh bulk snacks such as wasabi peas, trail mixes, peanuts, fireballs, sesame sticks, dried fruits, etc. that we can package up in a variety of sealed packages.  Vegan friendly, Kosher, Gluten free, and organic products are always available.

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